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COMPATIBLE VERSIONS: Market Delta Pro for Windows.
Versions 10.5 and higher.
INCLUDED TOOLS: UT toolset includes ( JMA, VEL, RSX, DMX ).
Various time limited licenses.
See PRICE list.

FEEDBACK: Read our huge collection of customer's comments on Jurik Tools.


1. Verify you have a compatible version of Market Delta.

2. Install the "UT" package of Jurik's tools. Select "Market Delta" as the target platform.


Here are some comparison screenshots on Market Delta:

Scans and trading signals can be built using Jurik indicators for use in charts and backtesting.

Market Delta, version 10.6 includes enhanced support for Jurik Indicators. In version 10.6, you may access Jurik Indicators in any of these ways:

  • The Built-in Indicators menu, whereby you can apply Jurik Tools to various price time series, such as Highs, Lows, and Median price.
  • The Plug-In Indicators menu, whereby you can access Jurik Tools via a PLUGIN token in the RTL language.
  • Select Jurik's JMA in Market Delta's all encompassing "Moving Average" Indicator.
  • Market Delta's generalized moving average (MA) token, once setup for JMA, can be applied to other indicators, as a custom indicator.

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