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Handy Resources


Free Interactive Chart

Jurik Tools not Included.
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Simulated Trading


COMPETITON (risk free)

The Yahoo! Investment Challenge

Each month, contestants are given $100,000 in fantasy money to invest. The contestant with the most fantasy dollars at the end of the month is awarded $5,000 in real money. There is no entry fee other than a free Yahoo account.


Simulated trading will help prepare you for real-time trading experience through a better understanding of the mechanics of trading your system as well as familiarizing you with proper order placement, so crucial to successful trading. However, George Angell wrote, in Floor Trader's Confidential Handbook [1987], "Paper trading leads to bad habits. It is destructive to establishing winning strategies." There is some truth to that because you will learn from your mistakes much faster when real money is lost. However, how long can you afford losing cash before having nothing left to trade? It is therefore best to err on the side of caution and preserve your cash, because when its gone, you are out of the game.

World Link Futures

Experience live, real-time simulated trading of all U.S.-based futures and options contracts over the Internet. Simulation is complete with market orders, account statements and ticker symbols.

Mock Trading (FREE)

MockTrading is the World's Most Advanced FREE On-line Commodity Trading Simulation. You get a mock trading account with which you can practice your commodity trading strategies by placing mock orders and managing your mock account.


Periodicals and Journals


Futures Magazine

News, strategies, books, videos on futures trading

Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities

Analysis, strategies and formulas on trading.

Institutional-grade periodicals

A list of journals read by the "big boys".

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