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 Feedback on

Our Customer Support


We included the customer's whole name when permission to use their name was either expressed or implied. Initials were used per request. Original letters are on file.

"After purchasing some of Jurik Research's tools for the AMIBROKER platform; I experienced some installation problems. Problems were related to the version of AMIBROKER I am using. To my surprise, Mark Jurik himself, took the time to call me, connect to my computer, and help me work through the problem I was having!

THERE ARE STILL SOME GOOD FOLKS IN THIS WORLD WE LIVE! Little wonder Jurik Research has become the success it is. Mark Jurik is a true Gentleman and with little doubt, a genius! His efforts at creating a top notch company are equalled only my his efforts TO TAKE CARE OF HIS CUSTOMERS!

I would recommend Jurik Research's products to anyone!" -- Gary Crawford

"I talked with tech support a few times and will say Norman is extremely polite. That is exceptional these days. It was a pleasure. Thanks." -- Milos

"I was surprised and delighted that you replied over the weekend. Thank you so much! You were absolutely correct, I was simply trying to copy files onto my hard drive - I had forgotten about using the installation procedure.

You have even put me on track toward solving my Windows 8 problem which is definitely beyond the call of duty and customer care of the highest order. All is now well and functioning on the new machine where I will shortly be disabling Microsoft Metro.

Thanks again for your help." -- Simon

"Thank you very much for your assistance. At the end, companies are made by people and thanks to you and Mr. Jurik, your company has one more happy customer." -- Alberto

"Thank you Norman for the quick response. I just have to say, you are a pleasure to work with as a tools vendor. I wish others were as hassle free!" -- Greg Madsen, Chief Technical Officer, Portfolio Manager International

"By far what has pleasantly surprised me most about your company has been your customer service and support. I don't call my vendors often but when I do I expect service and support in a friendly manner and that is exactly what I get from your company. Thanks and please keep it up." -- Farid Moslehi

"I can say DEFINITELY that Jurik is an extremely helpful and friendly person, and has helped me and answered all my responses every time in the past." -- Wong

Dear Norman and Mark,

I just wanted to thank you both for the kind help you offered with fixing a software issue. It's so rare to see such efficient service on both sides of a sale (pre and post). Usually, you can find great products, sometimes good pre-sales but as soon as you have sent your check, you're on your own. Not with Jurik Research!

When I first found your web site, I had many questions regarding your tools and how I could use them to enhance my own system. Mark was highly responsive with clear answers: no B.S. - straight to the point - and very sharp! I was impressed... Then, when I asked Mark to run tests on my own data, he did them right away, which allowed me to judge by myself... I was even more impressed!

When my anti-virus software was interfering with code development, Norman responded immediately to calls for help and even proposed I call him directly in order to move faster than by e-mail exchange. Great service!

Now I'm running some tests combining different indicators and the results are impressive! Every day when I work with your indicators, I say to myself that they have been the best investment I have ever made (not Google at its IPO, not MCI just before its turnaround... no, just Jurik Research!

I would strongly recommend your products to anybody interested in writing enhanced trading algorithms or to anyone wanting to trade with the right tools!

Many thanks again for your help and continue doing a great job!

Best regards, David Lifchitz


"I love working with you guys. Great products and your support has been incredible." -- Charley

"In many years of using computers and purchasing software I have yet to experience customer support up to the standards of Jurik Research. This is for two reasons. The first is that Mark Jurik personally supports the software he has written. He knows what he wrote and just how it works. The second is that he is determined to support it as a first priority in his schedule. The two times I have called he has dealt with my questions immediately. ... his goal to be helpful is entirely clear. It is much easier to claim excellent support than to provide it. Mark provides it. --- Leland Stevenson

"Thanks so much for your detailed replies. I wasn't sure if you would take the time to do so. You are a credit to this industry." -- Tom Cathey

"Thanks for your help this morning, I really appreciated your talking to Omega for me. I want to tell you that I will keep buying software from you because it is very good. Furthermore, you promptly fixed the little real-time bugs that I reported and it has been working flawlessly ever since on all my systems. You guys are First Class. -- Claudio Paccoret, WestLake Village, California

"Thanks, works like a charm... Great Tools, Great Support!!!!!" -- Edward Spann

"I have had wonderful experiences with Mark Jurik and his work. He does not sell systems. He doesn't promise you the moon, and his work is based on extensive research, and empirical method. He produces excellent products. I would give my unqualified recommendation. I use his indicators within a series of neural network models with excellent results. And he supports his products well. I've been working with his indicators now for about 3-4 years. He is a reputable vendor -- one of the few to be found on the internet. Sincerely, Rick Heymann"

"I have personally called Jurik Research to ask details regarding their products. I had no difficulty reaching Mark. In fact, he took much time to answer my questions and guided me further in my research." Stan

"I second the motion above. Mark Jurik is one of the few honest reputable vendors out there and his indicators are very reasonably priced. Do not expect any magic trading systems though. You will still have to do a lot of work to make money in the market. I am particularly fond of his AMA indicators which do exactly what he advertises, produce an adaptable moving average with less lag and greater smoothness than any other averaging methodology I have seen." -- Rick Sheffield

"Thanks Norman - Excellent customer service!+ --

"Your recent offer is honestly one of the best business moves I've ever seen for customer satisfaction. You have been more willing to help than anyone I have met yet. Most people for some reason want to hold back what they have and know... I look forward to doing business with you again. Thank You." -- Russell Di Maggio

"When I first received the indicators, Mark Jurik took generous time on the phone to coach me in their use. In addition, having limited programming skills in "Easy" Language, I have on occasion asked Mark to help me write something. He has always produced what I wanted, and has charged reasonably for his service. Where he has been able he has, in fact, responded to my need immediately, on the phone. Those of you who ever have an inspiration that you just can't wait to see on the screen in living color will know how much this kind of help is appreciated. I am grateful for this resource and highly recommend Mark's service to others. [The usual disclaimer: I don't know Mark personally, and have no financial interest in his work.] (I will respond to questions if any, but don't follow the Omega-list every day, so please be patient. -- Leland Stevenson,

"I can agree completely with Leland's statement. Mark Jurik offers outstanding tools and support. ... Regards Ben

"I want to thank you for the excellent support you have with your products. Please feel free to use my highest recommendations for your products." -- Richard Schell, Redondo Beach, California



 Feedback on

Our Technical Support and Consulting


We included the customer's whole name when permission to use their name was either expressed or implied. Initials were used per request. Original letters are on file.

"My conversations with you impressed and pleasantly surprised me.

When we spoke, you were just interested in helping me out. You weren't trying to get money out of me or even push your product (in fact you even recommended another neural net to buy which is not sold by your company) or get money, etc out of me. You took the time to answer my questions thoroughly and made sure that I understood the answers.

I really appreciated and was pleasantly surprised by this because most companies (trading related companies especially) won't take the time to answer complex questions even if you are a customer. If they do offer this service it is usually some tech, etc that answers the questions, not the owner of the company!

I am really impressed. No wonder you are so well respected in the trading community (and probably other communities too judging by how many people ask you to speak at their engagements)." -- Bryan Randall

"Mark: I am writing to thank you for the hours of time that you spent assisting me in installing my Jurik software to accomadate an unusual Tradestation trading environment. I have used your moving averages (JMA) for several years as an assist in executing my trading logic. They have been profoundly useful to me. I really appreciated you taking all the time that was required on a weekend, to assist me in getting up and running. Kind Regards,

Bert Liffmann
Portfolio Manager-Futures
Foreign Exchange Risk Manager
Peregrine Financial Group Canada Inc

"One day I had questions about something and I called Jurik Research to ask for help on something. Well the regular guy was out that day and Mark Jurik answered the phone. He spent 30 minutes on the phone with me solving a problem I was trying to figure out. He was extremely helpful, nice and was under no obligation to do what he did." [ Originally posted on eSignal Central Forum. ]

"Dear Mark, I would like to express my gratitude to you for the help you've given me in customizing the trading system I purchased from a well known vendor. You immediately displayed your integrity by first calling the vendor to be sure I had, in fact, purchased the system. In our first phone chat, you promised me that when you had completed a piece of code, that it would do what I had requested. This certainly has been the case, and any minor problems were do to my incomplete description of my needs. As a new trader, I was very impressed with your explanations and suggestions. Your warnings of caution were appreciated. I feel that your billing has been very fair. You obviously take great pride in your work and are a real pro. Thanks Again" -- Chuck Tannenbaum, Glencoe IL.

"Mark Jurik wrote thoughtful, and extensive answers to my questions regarding his products. I felt as if he was contributing to my knowledge base regarding financial modeling right from the start. It is rare to find any vendor who will take the time to answer the detailed questions I had about his products. ... I'm impressed with Jurik's integrity and his knowledge of: 1) the mathematics and nuances of NN model building; 2) the effects of sample size on model parameter estimates; 3) the care with which he has integrated his methodologies into Trade Station. ... Jurik is also research and development oriented: In several instances he told me his team was working on improved methods for dealing with financial market modeling issues we discussed. He also acknowledged the limitations of his knowedge, and told me when there was no clear data available to answer one question I asked one way or the other. Mark Jurik ran the extra mile for me. And, in addition, he answered many questions before I ever made a purchasing decision." -- Peter Hoon, Former Associate Professor of Biostatistics, Center for the Health Sciences, University of Tennessee

"You should know that your support staff was quite patient and helpful with an installation problem of my own making. It is refreshing to be treated such in this day and age, as it has been in all my past dealings with Jurik Research." -- Stuart A. Miller

"I have learned a great deal from your tools and find them valuable in my day to day work on the markets. But the technical support and "under the hood" discussions that we have had on your tools and other products have been invaluable to me in understanding how the same scientific principles that are used in other disciplines are applied to the markets. It is quite refreshing to see that you have sat down, rolled up your sleeves, thought hard and thoroughly tested everything that has formed your vision of the markets. In fact, I have found that the more sophistication I bring to the table, the more I get from our discussions. Thanks a million and keep up the good work! Best Regards" -- Ivan Figueredo; Chicago, Illinois

"I am writing to you today to express my appreciation for your assistance over the phone. I needed assistance for sure. There was plenty out there but their asking prices were very steep and their track records impossible to document. That is why I felt so relieved talking to you. You were not trying to sell any trading system. You had a broad knowledge of Artificial Intelligence packages on the market. All you offered was your assistance, at a reasonable rate, in constructing my own system. I have since purchased TradeStation, as you suggested.... My sincerest thanks for getting me started on the right foot." -- Roger Williamson; Mitchellville, Maryland

"May I say Mark, that it is always a pleasure and highly informative to speak with you about topics in prediction and modeling. Not only do I find your insights valuable, but you have an ability to articulate your thinking in a way that makes it very understandable to those with less mathematical sophistication than you. Your explanations are intuitive ... Such an ability can only come from true understanding. This is a real and rare talent in a field where so many are confused and in some cases actually try to be obscure. Congratulations!" -- David Aronson, Raden Research Group, New York City

"I am writing this letter to say thank you for the many hours of phone support on computers and artificial intelligence as it applies to financial trading arena. For help with DOS, memory management problems, or moving around Excel, you have always been there when I needed your assistance. In contrast, I had many contacts with top traders and programmers with PhD's who have offered nothing more than bad interpersonal relations and exploitation. But I always feel comfortable calling your consulting firm." -- Anonymous by request

At one point, you recommended developing a utility for use in TradeStation's auto-analyst that was to be a case based reasoning expert system. From there we discussed nonlinear modeling, eigenvector modal analysis, orbit diagrams, rule induction, decision trees, delayed coordinate embedding and various forms of spectral analysis. Let's face it, talking to you is like having a private tutor in computer science at an Ivy League college. And for psychological satisfaction, I think Jurik Research can't be beat." -- Charles J. Jurist, Great Neck, N.Y.

"I am writing to thank you for all of your assistance and guidance over the last few weeks concerning issues associated with general understanding, design, and implementation of neural network solutions to financial forecasting problems. Your knowledge and expertise has been an invaluable component in my learning process. I really appreciate the amount of time you have taken and the patience you have shown, while explaining the more complex aspects of network architecture, learning algorithms, and data preprocessing. You have such a mastery of the subject matter coupled with the unique ability to explain difficult concepts in a simple "easy to understand" fashion, that I readily grasped even the most complex of concepts. You have taken months off of my learning curve, allowing me to apply neural network theories to real world situations, and to see results immediately. ... Thank you for your priceless assistance, you are definitely an equalizer, which bridges the knowledge gap between an average trader and the "Rocket Scientists" we are competing against in the area of neural network development." -- Andrew Peskin, President, A. S. Peskin & Company Ltd., Charlottesville, Virginia

"I want to thank you for your help and assistance to me on this project. It has been absolutely invaluable." Doug Kelly, Compuserve 70062,675 (The author demonstrated that neural nets could be used to identify patterns from spectral analysis data for application in process control systems.)

"Thank-you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help me code my system. That was truly above and beyond the call of duty. As it happens, the solution you formulated enabled me to do exactly what I needed. Thank you again for your help and for your excellent software." -- David Folster

"I deeply appreciate your quick response to my request for a solution to the problem that I encountered using Omega's Easy Language. Omega was of little help. I had just about given up when I found your name listed as an Easy Language expert. Thanks again." -- John Walton and Mark Lengwin, Target Trading Company

"I want to thank you for the generous amount of help you've been giving me the past couple of weeks. My skill and understanding of writing EasyLanguage code have probably tripled, thanks to your revisions on my code !! Although I'm still in the learning and development stage when it comes to using NETS in my systems, I am extremely optimistic about their possibilities. Your depth of knowledge and problem solving logic are second to none. Please keep up the good work and research. YOU are a GREAT learning tool... Kudos" -- Scott C. Thibodeaux

"I've been meaning to write you, to thank you for your assistance last weekend. I really appreciate the time you took in responding to my questions on the Omega-List. It was very helpful." -- David Wieringa

"Greetings Mark: Just a brief note to thank you for the great research and sharing of your findings." -- Carl

"Norman (in customer support), you are a prince amongst men! For service above and beyond the call of duty, I'm sure Santa's going to bring you some big surprises this year! Thank you for your help and attention. I trust you'll show your line manager this email, and if you are your line manager - well show it yourself and pat yourself on the back. And tell that Mark Jurik guy what a remarkable asset you are to his company. Once again, many thanks and I'd like to wish you personally, your family and colleagues at Jurik Research a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Kind Regards from Spain..." -- Geoffrey

"Thanks for your very helpful and informative posts all through the years. And here's wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" -- Hin-Shing Wong

"I really appreciate this level of support form Jurik Research." -- Chas Waring



 Feedback on

Our Public Speaking and Publications


We included the customer's whole name when permission to use their name was either expressed or implied. Initials were used per request. Original letters are on file.

letter from Austin group

"I wish you were local. You are one of the best teachers of algorithms and pattern recognition I have seen." -- Chris Rigatuso

"I was the guy with the laptop who, at the end, thanked you for showing us such an enlightening and innovative approach to technical analysis indicators." -- Bill Corbett, Austin, Texas

"You're one of the few guys out there who knows what he's doing and can explain things clearly." -- Michael J. Radzicki, Ph.D.

"This is to express my thanks ... for your excellent tutorial on Military Applications of Neural Networks. All comments on your tutorial program have been extremely positive." -- D.A. Sunnyvale, California

"I attended one of your seminars at the Futures Conference in Burbank last year. Your class was about the most interesting of all the classes I attended as I was looking for ideas on an adaptive system... Thank you for the time you spent with me after class." - Steve D., North Liberty, Iowa

"I have another commitment the evening of your seminar, but I want you to know I consider you an excellent speaker, plus the topic sounds well constructed. Thanks for your earlier help." -- Michael F., Fremont California

"Mark Jurik is very knowledgeable about neural networks. He has a clear and effective presentation style." Dr. Bernard Widrow, Stanford University

"Mark Jurik has the depth and breadth of neural network knowledge and understanding to delve into the material with enthusiasm, insight and thoroughness." -- Don Specht, Lockheed Research


 Feedback on

Our Academic Support


Jurik Research offers limited FREE consulting and software
to students working on a Masters or PhD thesis.
In return, we would require a copy of the thesis when completed.

Participant #1

THESIS TITLE: "Necessary Ingredients for Successful Trading in the Stock Markets"
SCHOOL: International Management, SAVONIA POLYTECHNIC, Finland

Mark, let me share a few things with you. First of all, thank you for your advice. I appreciate it tremendously and find it very interesting to read your instructions and then apply them on the historical data that I have. I have to say that you are very knowledgeable when it comes to stocks and their analysis. I seem to have a lot to learn.

I am more than grateful for your kindness and willingness to advise me. I hope that I will get an opportunity to put in practice what I now learn and use it for good of others. I once read in The New Market Wizards about a guy called Mark Ritchie who dedicated a lot of the money he had made in helping third world people. I felt very strongly about what he had done and so decided that this is what I'd be doing one day.

Best Regards, Janne

Janne's thesis received highest grade and was
recommended for entry into a national competition.


 Feedback on

Product Quality


We included the customer's whole name when permission to use their name was either expressed or implied. Initials were used per request. Original letters are on file.

"Because of the excellence of your indicators, I could obtain a real edge in my trading style." -- Steffen Blumenthal

"I have spent time on my computer, studying and observing your tools. It’s a remarkable work you have done here and it brings a lot of respect for the person how created these tools. I am impressed and if you need some reference in Scandinavia, I am your man." -- Mats Elgan

"I wish your staff a very Happy New Year! Your software rocks!" -- Anshuman Arun

"For years I have been using the Jurik set of indicators, which are faster and smoother than standard indicators. ... I would get entries and exits much quicker ... They recover quickly from a price gap or an earnings gap. Jurik's version of the Bollinger Band makes the original look dated and slow." -- Earl Zausmer

"Your instruction manual is very good. I have all indicators on my platform and have been adjusting them to replace the conventional ones I have been using in my trading method. So far, WOW! Very clean signals, little false wiggle. Nice output. Well worth the money." -- Bobby Acim

"Many thanks Mark! I've been doing a tremendous amount of testing and trading with your tools and am experiencing impressive results." -- Evan Levine

"The world would be a better place if all software ran as easily as Jurik's Tools. The dynamic color on your E-Signal studies highlights what I teach perfectly. Thanks." -- Dan Dolan

"PS -- Your indicators and the related triggers and signals are truly some of the best work out there. Thanks again for your research and work and putting the products out there so we can use them!" -- Bill J., New York City

"If it weren't for Jurik tools I would find it much harder to trade the markets. His algorithms which make up the indicators don't lag in time and are also much smoother than many conventional indicators. It gives me better time entry for greater profits." -- Peter G.

"Please express my continued pleasure to Mark with his product. I have integrated it into a number of my strategies and value it's ability to "make sense from the noise". I tell people (who have heard that I use Jurik Tools), that the noiser the data, the more you appreciate Jurik Tools. Take Care and Good Trading." -- Tom Hamilton

"I am conflicted between thinking that everyone should have your indicators and hoping that I am the only one!" -- Rob Thaler

"I spent two hours testing your Tools and this is incredible! It really works. Definitely worth waiting. Now I'm getting more interested in your tools I haven't ordered yet." -- Rafal Kowalik, Norway

"I have to tell you how satisfied I'm with the product. I'm amazed with results when running my trading optimizer by using your indicators, especially JMADoubleStochastic and JMAMACD for entering and Jurik VEL for existing trades. I have never believed that technical indicators can be reliable on 1 minute charts. I was wrong. Yours can! Many thanks." -- Robert Mezei

"I started working on two of your Tools. I’m very excited. They do work as advertised! Thanks very much." -- Chris Bergen, Florida

"I steered several customers your way while I was doing independent consulting. Your work is high quality, unique, it works and it's well documented to boot. In short, a pleasure to work with. I look forward to Brookstone's working with you more in the future." -- Ian MacAuslan

"My first machine was a custom built workstation. It has VEL, JMA, CFB, DDR, DMX, WAV, and RSX. I've had that license for 6 or 7 years. It is unusual to have software remain relevant for such a long period. I admire and appreciate excellent work." -- James Beck

You've provided a great set of building blocks on which to apply your tools to so many standard and well known indicators. The more I use the tools, the more I appreciate them. I have them integrated into many of my scans and studies now. I am quite please with the results.

I hope that (all) of your customers take the time to read (& re-read) your documentation. I keep it next to my computer and reference it whenever I need a 'refresher'.

I find that Jurik tools usually makes a significant improvement but very rarely, little if any, degradation in performance. But, one must try different settings and "play" with the application to get superior results. The 'noisier' the data, the better Jurik Tools works! But you already knew that, Mark.

Tom Hamilton, Special Risk Capital Management, LLC


"I have shown your indicators to my students in my stocks and options class. We all think they're cool." -- Michael J. Radzicki, Ph.D.

"Have thus far been able to determine which of your tools is best used as a "turn" indicator, and which would be able to serve as "confirmands" for an "add-position" strategy and for multiple entries. Upon catching a good trend, makes sense to increase one's position, if the slope is good! Thanks for letting us have the "maps" to the booty! I can feel the lure of the pirate life." -- B. Hudson, Texas

"Your indicators are absolutely phenomenal. I never realized there could be such a difference from the standard package that is offered with Tradestation. It is literally comparing night and day. Keep up the great work!!" -- Larry G., Illinios

"I would like to say that, for the record, the Jurik toolkit is probably the best set of indicators I have ever used during my entire life. Great job!" -- Hugh Campbell

"Previously, I have found that when trying to describe data, I come across a complex nonlinear stage between control and creativity. Recently, I started using your tools (JMA, RSX, VEL, CFB, DMX) on my trading platform. Instead of making the simple complicated, which is common place these days, your tools make the complicated simple, awesomely simple. That's creativity! Thanks" -- Gregory

"I want to say that I use your products every day and they have given me eyes that I did not have before. Thank you for creating such great products." -- Kam Tsang, California

"The right tools for the right job... It's people like Mark that I think are bang spot on, more than we give them credit, for providing a proper and diversified toolbox. The rest is up to us." -- Gene Pope

"Jurik's software is the best set of trading tools I've ever used in a trending market. --

"The minute I first saw the Jurik products advertised with a tiny print ad several years ago they caught my eye. I have been a subscriber ever since, and although I constantly have refined my ruleset, the stocks traded, and timeframes involved....Jurik's indicators never change. I am always tinkering and plugging in other "freebie" .EFS studies [for eSignal]....all look so sad compared to the Jurik toolset. -- [ Posted on the eSignal Central Forum ]

"I swing trade moderate beta tech stocks because the offer just as good rewards without the frustration. I use Jurik products. The indicators are powerful, they do work, they are profitable for me, and they are the best I have found." --

"First, let me start by saying that your software appears to be very accurate and well designed." -- David Butler

"If anyone wants to take the time to apply Jurik's studies to the markets they will be well rewarded. I am not just talking about using his canned studies, but some of the posts on this [eSignal] board as well as using Jurik's MAs (moving averages) on other indicators. I am not revealing what I do because I don't want the whole world doing it, but it is there in front of everyone and with effort you can make the Jurik studies pay off very well. Plus they are nice people to work with and that is a combination in this day and age that is hard to find." [ Posted on the eSignal Central Forum ]

"I applied this new JMA to my strategy and it worked. I love this stuff! I don't know how anyone else does it but you are definitely the man and your indicators are incredible." -- Jose Rivera

"For three years I have studied the concept of indicator and price action divergence. The theory of divergence sounds great. Applying it with consistent success using the usual garbage indicators proved to be a lost money cause. In fact, I had given up on the approach until I started using your momentum indicators. Suddenly, theory and reality became one and the same! ...

Your superior mathematical approach to describing market momentum makes virutally every trade a winning text book classic trade with no ambiguity. Your tools are like technical analysis on steroids. In this case, that's a good thing. It is extremely rare to find someone of your caliber who is willing to provide institutional strength trading tools for the small investor. Thank you Mr. Jurik!"

Sheel Anand


"I really like using Jurik indicators. They are as good as advertised!" -- -- Larry Rupert

"I just began to test your models in any time frame and it works with real money in an incredible fashion. It's so quick, I can get out of bad trades without a loss, and so smooth I have almost only significant signals. From a trader's point of view, your tools seem to be a real wonder." -- Bernard Dumont, Canada

"By the way, I am very happy using your products. They run quite smoothly, no problems. Great! -- Roberto Zendrini

"I appreciate the professionalism of your work. As I mentioned on the phone, I believe some of the work you've done ranks in the brilliant category!" -- Thanks, Dave C.

"I have been purchasing your products since 1993. I've been trading for ten years and the only indicators I found that have any value are yours." -- Ted Johnson

"I believe Jurik is a very honest and trust worthy vendor, one of a few." -- Mark Brown

"I use your JMA, VEL, RSX, CFB, WAV and DDR and I find your products to be the best in their class. The implementation is clean and solid and they do what you claim they do." -- Farid Moslehi

"Mark Jurik is one of the few honest reputable vendors out there." -- Rick Sheffield

"I would give my unqualified recommendation. ... Jurik supports his products well. ... He is a reputable vendor -- one of the few to be found on the internet." -- Rick Heymann

"Mark Jurik's indicators are on the short list of things I do use. And looking at my screens, they all have Mark's products or derivatives based on them on real-time charts. He's a class guy and his products, in my eyes, are the best." -- Tim Morge

"Mark Jurik is a well reputed and honest software developer." -- Tommaso Galanti

"Jurik's JMA is the best answer to the inherent lag problem that I know of....I have never seen a negative post regarding it or any of his other tools. -- Stu Miller

"Mark, you are the recognized authority in the Omega-related community and I hear only excellent comments about your great indicators. I recommend them to a number of my clients. -- Dmitri Bogucharskyy, developer of DynaStore data emulation,

"I find your tools to be superior to any other indicators I've ever used. You did a great job on these." -- Norman Highton

"I am up and running and have already coded up some interesting stuff, made money with Jurik's tools and am happy. ... It's nice to find some quality in this business." -- Bryant Tharp

"My experience with Jurik Research has been entirely positive." Dennis Nichols

"I have no connection with Mr. Jurik other that as a satisfied user of his products, particularly his RSX. In my twenty years of trading in the markets, I know of comparatively few vendors whose products have performed as represented and actually delivered continuing value to the trader. I have found Mark Jurik to be a straight shooter..." Jim Alvis

"I think your products and DynaStore are two of the finest products on the market." -- Bob Claycomb

"I like Mark Jurik's stuff. No complaints. Does what it's supposed to do." -- J. Werner

"So far in my experience, Kase and Jurik are in a class by themselves as the only REALLY smart people I've run into in TA (and that includes M. Pring, John Murphy, et al)." -- Ken Berian

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