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We included the customer's whole name when permission to use their name was either expressed or implied. Initials were used per request. Original letters are on file.

"Norman, thank you very much. Everything came up fine. Could not trade without my JMA!" -- Regards, Brian Roberto

"I've been working hard with your tools, and was wondering if I could briefly share my work. ... I worked on a leading wavelet indicator and your 'base' indicators like JMA. I've actually found the most success working just with JMA. I can make a system that is as good as a support/resistance discretionary trader, but I feel as though it's possible to do better than that, especially for a small retail trader (me).

I took a leave of absence from Stanford (undergraduate) in August to focus on finance and prepare for a startup this quarter. Maybe I'm hyping too much, but I hope it will be possible for me to at least partly fund it with trading derivatives. Thanks so much for your superior work on Braincel and the incredible JMA. " -- Spence

"Just wanted to let you know that I've been using the Jurik's JMA for about a year now. It took me a while to learn to interpret it within market context, but now that I have I'd say it's the best indicator I've ever used. Many thanks from a satisfied customer." -- Alan Kritzer

"Wow! I have not slept much since installing and trying out applications of the JMA - please pass on my gratitude to Mr Jurik and the team. This is the best indicator I have ever used in the last four years with Tradestation programming." -- reggie nijor

My lack of programming abilities made installation onto an Excel spreadsheet difficult for me, but I'm pleased to say that you more than lived up to the support levels hinted at on your website. I'm most grateful for your "going the extra mile" for me.

Since completing the installation of JMA and RSX I have been more than delighted with their performance. They were specifically purchased as a "plug" to fill a "hole" in my own trading program. JMA is remarkably effective in acting as price-proxy when set to a fast (small) "length" value. It also highlights the level of confidence that one may have with other "timing" tools. The more confidence one has, the faster you can let JMA run. For those whose confidence in their other timing tools is still developing, a slower JMA would be more comfortable.

The ability to fiddle with both JMA's length and phase values allows me to readily create a highly reliable "trend indicator" when applied one or more time frames UP from the time frame in which I trade.

In summary, absolutely first class. Many thanks. -- Philip / Australia

"I must tell you that I'm very glad that I made the investment in your product. I do discretionary trading and I love the speed of Mark's JMA. I will continue to use it as long as I'm in the business. Please let Mark know that his JMA delivers as promised and is the best that I've seen in my many years in the business. Thank You." -- Sas Wakim

"I can only say that I wish I found your JMA indicator much sooner. I used to over-complicate and clutter my screen with multiple indicators but somehow was still late to the game. Jurik's products are like see-through glasses to the market action; they point out the turns and dips precisely and very smoothly with little lag. JMA is more responsive and gives me a bigger piece of the price move. JMA and volume are the only two indicators I use and it's been great!! This product has already paid for itself in 4 days." -- Ed McGhee

"We have a good trading model running for a client, and the addition of some judicious input pre-processing using your JMA improved the trade success rate very nicely, and our customer is delighted. This was not possible with other smoothing methods or moving averages of any kind. JMA made the difference. He's seeing north of 80% profitable trades using this function.  Thanks for the good stuff!" -- Dave Hyder

"I installed Jurik Tools in metastock 10 and it works great. JMA particularly is amazing. I spent the whole of yesterday playing around with it, reconstructing the classical indicators with JMA and using JMA in my own indicators, substituting JMA in place of other filters. I don't think I'll ever go back to the traditional filters again! Thank you." -- Ajay

"I am amazed with results when running my trading optimizer and using your indicators, especially JMA_Double_Stochastic and JMA_MACD for entering and VEL for existing trades. I have never believed that technical indicators can be reliable on 1 min charts. I was wrong. Yours can!! Many thanks." -- Robert Mezei

"I have ribbons of your JMA on 5 charts. With the seismic chop we've had the last few months, they are the only indicators I really trust. And I will not trade real time without your indicators." -- Kathy

"Purchasing the JMA looks to be by far the best investment I've ever made. My historical system results are vastly improved over the SMA, WMA,and XMA filters I was using." -- Michael Pearl

"I daytrade almost everyday and depend heavily on your JMA and DMX tools which I find to be my most useful tools along with support and resistance. I am looking forward to reviewing and learning from the different discussions regarding these and your other tools on Jurik_Tools. Thank you for your very helpful and useful products." -- Ron Milbourn

"I just purchased a 3 month lease on the Jurik toolset, and I must say I am very impressed! I only needed the JMA, as it was the missing piece for my trading system that I had been looking for. Thank you for creating such a wonderful and powerful tool, I am very grateful!" -- Troy

"BTW, your JMA DWMA MACD is fantastic!" -- Todd Rampe

"Thanks for your help again. At this point in time I would like to express my gratitude especially for your service and great products. I bought the JMA license in September 2004. It was the basis for the development of my own indicator system and it works just great. The best what I could get so far. It is amazing to see what is possible with smoothed data whithout almost any lag in time. Thanks again." -- Rolf

" I've been using JMA for the last 6 months and I've come to rely very heavily on it."

"I appreciate the JMA and RSX. I'm not sure how I will use the VEL yet, but the JMA allowed me to review my other evolved oscillators. ... It has taken me 3 weeks to get initially dialed in and adapted with my new trading systems, but I am now pleased to no end. This is probably the best trading value out there." -- Phil Bailey

"I would like you to know how delighted I am with your indicators. Incredible work. Actually, I work mostly with Momentum and Acceleration indicators in various forms and time frames, and they are all derivatives on your JMA!" -- Marcus A. Marljeffsky

"I have been experimenting with your indicators now for a week. The JMA is great. I have created my own Stochastic and MACDs with it and see improvement. These indicators on my charts now are nearly as smooth as my baby's behind, and I'm trading better because of it! However, I trade the ES on tick charts, which are fairly smooth to start with, so the improvements in price smoothing are not as great as they would probably be on time based charts. ... Your price structure is not unreasonable, however, and on the whole I'm pleased with the package. Thanks." -- David Bissett

"The results in XL is unlike anything I have seen thus far. I'm playing around with a simple JMA MACD in XL and the concept of Phase is super useful. We'll be incorporating it as a parameter in our search for the optimum rule config - for sure!" -- Tertius

"JMA has served me as an excellent tool for all types of smoothing needs. JMA is also a very good component of my Neural Network, because it is so smooth. For comparison: JMA has given a particular system a 10% increase in profits. Not the the holy grail, but a part..." --

"I wanted to drop a note to everyone to let you know what a great guy Mark Jurik is and that his add-ons have helped my trading ten fold. I decided to try the add-ons because my system was lagging when the open would gap in the morning using 5 minute charts. The Jurik JMA has very little lag and is truly amazing when you combine it with other indicators. The Jurik triple RSI EFS that is on this board is an amazing indicator by itself." [Originally posted at eSignal Central Forum]

""For filtering out price noise with smoothness and quick repsonse, JMA is by far the best moving average I've ever seen" --

"I need to add that your tools are really the best - today I have tested out many combinations of MAs & NNs & predictions. JMA always delivers the best & most timely answer to my models. Amazingly when using JMA the noise introduced in the "system" falls rapidly." -- Bertrand Wibbing

"As luck would have it, when I modified my trading system to incorporate Jurik's Adaptive Moving Average (JMA), I only changed the Fast_MA from an EMA to JMA. That is why I saw such great improvement. Anyway, that's what I've been trading on since late January and I like the results." -- Bob Gantt

"I just wanted to thank your company for the incredible product. My trading system became so profitable, that at first I thought there was a calculation error. I don't know who Jurik is, but he is not a genius, he is a magician. Backtesting my mechanical buy/sell system, with default parameters, without optimisation, without leverage, over a period of 10 years, across various commodities, I consistently arrive at an average 30% annually, slippage and commission included, with a smooth equity curve. I know it sounds impossible, but it's true, maybe even you are not aware of what JMA can really do.

I do NOT use JMA as advised in your manual. I've found a very unusual way of using it. I wouldn't want people to assume that they can achieve the same results just by plugging it in their system. It's only after playing with the phase settings that I accidentally arrived at results I myself cannot rationally explain, that's why I called it magic." -- Ara Vardanian


"I'm sure you've been told quite frequently how Great the JMA is, but I utilize it all the time. Thank you for developing it." -- Rhonda Guilbeaux

"We've found that the best way to use JMA is as a price proxy, replacing the Close as input in all our indicators. It minimizes the incremental degrees of freedom while allowing the entire system to benefit uniformly from reduced noise. That said, after designing several hundred systems and going through several million simulated trades, we've found that a JMA-proxy system will make about 6% more money ON AVERAGE than a non-JMA system. Our standard non-JMA systems are already highly profitable... but JMA, carefully used, will make them 1.06 times more profitable. Hey, in this business I'll take a 6% edge any day and a few hundred bucks is a very fair price. It's also a good deal because I don't have to worry about designing my own noise filter anymore, and I can focus on my own (more interesting) areas of expertise. And yes, of course, we trade all our systems with real money." -- Arnaldo Leon

"Combining Rina's Dynamic Zones with Mark Jurik's smoothing techniques has allowed me to come up with some very good systems that I was able to verify the performance of through Portfolio Maximizer and 3D Smartview and really tighten the system performance up. I'm a happy camper." -- David Fenstemaker

"Manipulations of JMA in standard ways discussed in books and articles concerned with finance neural-networks are turning out to be terrific indicators for building neural networks using Neuralshell Day Trader." -- Steve Buss

"JMA clearly clings far more closely to the price bars than the simple moving average ... The lack of lag means that even after a significant overnight gap, JMA is back in contact with the market within the first four bars of the new trading session. ... replacing %D with a JMA smoothed version of %K produces a far more stable plot than simply using the standard fast %K and slow %D lines. ... At $205, the JMA package is good value, as it not only includes a generous selection of pre-built indicators and systems but the manual supplied also makes a thorough job of stepping you through their effective deployment. ... JMA is the sort of tool that could add significant value on any trading desk, both in its own right and as a highly efficient smoothing mechanism for other technical analysis techniques." -- Excerpts from
Financial Software Review

"I think it is probably true that all adaptive filters are some form of generalized Kalman filter. But I don't believe Jurik's filter is that simple. The minimal overshooting vs. responsiveness of JMA is really quite something." -- Chuck Kaucher

"JMA follows prices in an amazing way. Best adaptive moving average I know of." -- Gwenael Gautier, Germany

"I don't think I have a system using JMA which doesn't (on paper) show a healthy regular profit - pity it took me 2 years to find that out! In fact the hint for me was seeing the equity curve of a MACD cross system using JMA which took off at 45% in 1995 and kept that shape through to 2000. ... JMA's so flexible that you can make up your own algorithm ... JMA is like a hammer, it helps you bash all your ideas to life." -- Michael Stewart

"JMA adjusts real quickly. When there is a gap, JMA SHINES" -- Rao Tadikonda

"I have JMA and found a lot of uses and it is the basis for my daytrading. I have found it to be worth many times the cost, however I can understand peoples resistance having paid a lot more for a whole lot less, including myself. However, Mark Jurik's stuff is the real deal." -- Bryant Tharp

The best way I've found to trade is to use the Moving Average cross over. That works the best so far, and JMA catches them before anything else does. And it works in all time frames. -- Mike

"May I also say, and you can quote me on it, JMA has been a vital tool in helping me develop a stock trading system that gives me a significant time edge in trading NASDAQ stocks". -- Bill Pate

"Looks like JMA is a sophisticated adaptive version of the Kalman filter. But I don't think you can just adapt Kalman to get same results. There is definitely some rocket science behind JMA. ... I am having a pretty good success with a JMA based system I am working on now. ... you can take JMA and code a pretty darn good system out of it. ... works good and has some serious ( and I mean serious ) potential. When the system is done it will probably be one of the best overall trading system out there and better than any of my current systems." --

"I found the JMA to be excellent for my purposes. It has enhanced my entry prices giving more profit." -- Keith Toh

"The way JMA in a MACD can do do 2 things at once: not respond to choppiness and thereby avoid being sucked into false breaks and, at the same time, also be able to respond quicker than a standard MACD, baffles me. Does it contain artificial intelligence?" -- Mark J. L., Sydney, Australia

"I keep finding more and more uses for JMA all the time." -- Gene Pope

" There are plenty of people on these internet forums who use Jurik's software and have done so for years. JMA is the only purchased indicator I use. Jurik's stuff does exactly what it's supposed to. The support is excellent. The results for JMA are unmatched by any other moving average. Jurik is a concientious and honest vendor. He has been a long time contributor to these forums and is generally well regarded. This doesn't mean Jurik's indicators will make you a successful trader. They are tools (excellent ones) and are not represented as anything else. If you have a system that requires the very best AMA, then buying JMA would give it the best chance it had. I'm also quite happy with VEL, his lagless velocity indicator." -- Allan Kaminsky, member IEEE

"JMA certainly can remove wiggles from an indicator." -- Andrew, Singapore

"I've been using Mark's indicators for a number of years, and I'm extremely satisfied with his indicators. I've talked to him over the phone and corresponded with him through e-mails. He has been always very helpful. In fact, he has been one of the best vendors I have encountered.

I'm not a good programmer or systems designer, so my use of Jurik's indicators is very limited. However, even with the limited way, JMA, in conjuction with other indicators and conditions, has benefited my trading systems a great deal. For the value of $200, JMA has saved me tens of thousands of dollars in trading. My own philosphy: Any product (book, magazine, software ...) that would help me make a trade with profit equalling the cost of the product itself would mean a free gift to me. Wong

"Savitzky-Golay filters give a good tradeoff between lag and smoothness - probably as good as any other linear filter. They are "stiffer" than a good adaptive moving average such as JMA and will not respond as quickly to sharp changes in price - because the adaptive average "discovers" that it is lagging too much and "accelerates" to try and catch up." -- Bob Fulks

"Last week I received JMA, VEL and CFB. I have made some modifications to my trading system by implementing JMA, and my signals are now 1-2 days earlier than by using weighted moving averages. The results are just striking! Thank you again and let me say another time that your tools are incredible. I should have bought them years ago. I would be probably retired today!" -- Martin Sevigny

"I was looking at the screen. JMA was going through all the bars as a stick goes through Shish Kebab." Igor Kaplan

"It is amazing to me that one can do much better trading by not even looking at price bars, rather just the JMA line. As an aside, you'll notice in Mark Jurik's posts how often he refers to JMA as a proxy for price -- in effect a smoothed version of price with very little lag. ... In my work recently, I routinely convert price to JMA and then perform my technical analysis JMA. For convenience I created a function, called SmoothPrice, that is simply JRC.JMA(typicalprice, 4). I find that then doing traditional indicators like MA's, stoch etc on JMA, results are much smoother." -- Jim Johnson

"I just purchased your JMA. I bought the package with VEL & CFB and for $395 this is the best investment I have made. Mark, I am enclosing a screenshot of the realtime trades for today. It made $9,350 realtime. This is amazing! Please do not reveal the time frame." -- Cory Romero, Cary NC

"I use a number of things, most based on the Jurik's Adaptive Moving Average, which I consider to be one of the most important tools in my trading arsenal. -- Kenneth E. Schubert

"Jurik's latest version (June 1998) of his AMA is quite an improvement over the older versions. It creates a smooth curve with less lag than any other filter I have tried. It also has additional parameters so that you can optimize the characteristics somewhat to your market, trading off lag and overshoot. I have tried it in indicators such as MACD and RSI and it improves them. I suspect you will be happy with it. (No connection other than being a customer, etc.) -- Bob Fulks

"I have been using AMA/JMA for a few days. What outstanding work you have done." -- Lee Eik

"First, let me tell you how impressed I am after a week experimenting with CFB, JMA and VEL. I find I'm having to rethink my understanding and impressions regarding a host of classical indicators, wrap them around your functions, and re-examine what I want to do and how to do it. (For instance, Bollinger Bands without lag are a whole new ballgame!) Thanks again for some real industrial-strength tools..." Howard McLean

"I use JMA extensively in my price studies. In my neural network modeling, I can't imagine how much more difficult things would be if I did not use JMA. -- Steven Buss

"Hi, I recently purchased AMA, VEL, and DDR as DLLs. First, let me say I am very impressed with AMA. I replaced the traditional EMA I was using in a set of Neural Nets that I developed and to my great surprise, it reduced the average predicted error by approximately 50% on all securities!! Amazing!! Thanks for an excellent product!!" -- Keith Taylor, Pentacor, Inc.

"I programmed the DMI indicator, and it visually looks pretty good, and optimized with good results. But in real time it fell apart was not tradable. This is about the time I discovered Jurik's adaptive moving average. I'm probably overly biased because I use Jurik's CFB, JMA, and VEL in all my systems. JMA now has a phase adjustment that you can use to produce lag or shift forward an adaptive moving average. You can make a very good MACD out of this." -- Marek Jankowski, Oak Park, Calif.

"Jurik publishes quality software that is better than anything else available. The material on his web site pertaining to AMA comparisons is accurate and independently reproducible. There are plenty of free AMA's available. The modest sum Jurik charges buys a much superior tool. -- Allan Kaminsky, member IEEE

"This indicator is very accurate and I have forwarded my comments to our group of traders (35-40). When it goes flat or turns, it confirms our signals down to the 1 min bar. I have never had such results from an indicator. Please don't let anyone else buy it! Unlike the industry standard of "not doing anything except making a squiggly line on a chart", JMA actually does provide very profitable, accurate, useful information.

"With a lot of hard work and some luck I now use momentum of a AMA with a threshold level as the basis of most of my systems. This indicator is a very good indicator of trend. Included is a report on my system implemented on the bonds that I trade." -- Frederick Barnard

"I have been using Jurik's products for years. They are a solid and reputable outfit. In my applications, AMA is superior to anything else and worth the price. ... There has been some published work on Adaptive Moving Averages: 'VIDYA' in "The New Technical Trader" by Chande & Kroll; Adaptive Moving Average in "Smarter Trading" by Kaufman. If you study these in depth and compare them with Jurik's software, Jurik's results seem (in my testing) to be universally superior. ... It's worth buying them as they're quality products with good support. I am not connected with Jurik Research, but I am a satisfied user of his tools." -- Allan Kaminsky

I have talked with the group's mentor and he is considering incorporating this indicator in his teaching methods and using it himself. See, you can teach old dogs new tricks." Sincerely Yours, -- Peter H. Ripley, Sr.

"I smooth a %R with a 2 period AMA moving average. It really smoothes the normally jaggy %R with no discernable lag." -- Tim Proeber, Battle Mountain Gold, Houston TX.

"I'd love to see people go beyond only thinking of Mark's fine products as direct trading solutions. Can't tell you how many times I've thrown JMA on something other than price to great effect or substituted it for an EMA routine in another indicator (The Adaptive Stochastic comes to mind)." -- Gene Pope

"I also purchased the Adaptive Moving Average from Jurik Research, which is well worth the money and which I consider responsible for making my system workable." -- Glenn Crumpley

"I have had the Jurik indicators for over a year and feel that if you are looking for an excellent moving average that is very smooth and turns before anything else, this is it. In markets that trend it will get you in very early. Jurik's tools are inexpensive.... Mark Jurik is very professional." -- Scott

"We have found AMA to be the best Adaptive Moving Average indicator around. The AMA indicator is amazing in how it accurately tracks market moves. The indicator is precise and fast in response. We have experienced no gapping problems using your new version of AMA. Great work, Jurik Research!" -- William Reed, President, Excel Tek Group Inc.

"In the 7 months that I have been using your Adaptive Moving Average (AMA) it has returned at least 20 times its purchase price in profits. I have plugged it into dozens of systems originally using regular, weighted and exponential moving averages, and the AMA outperformed them all in almost every case. ... In the past 11 months (4 months hypothetical and 7 months real time trading, my best coffee system (with position size corrected to a drawdown of $4875) produced $87,000. I am not willing to reveal its formula for obvious reasons, but AMA is an essential part of it. -- Kim Fadiman Jackson, Wyoming

"I want to thank you now for both the outstanding programming job you did for me for TradeStation and for your AMA. Although the indicators you wrote were a relatively simple tool they have been quite valuable and your programming was impeccable. As for the AMA this tool has, quite simply, taken all of my previous indicators and tools to another level -- it is astonishingly productive and accurate. Thanks." -- John M. , Las Vegas, Nevada

"I really would like to see more tools from you. I use your AMA religiously!" -- Bob S., Montreal, Canada

"I think your Ama is great. Many thanks." -- Tom Reddicks

"I am very impressed with AMA. I have changed several of my systems that used moving averages over to your AMA, and in every instance of backtesting it has improved ROA and percent profitable... Nice to know some advertiser's claims that seem 'to good to be true' are true. Thanks, And have a great day!" -- William Parks II , Dighton, Massachusets

"I have been using three of Mark Jurik's products as part of inputs in our Bond neural network forecaster. His products have significantly improved the accuracy of our bond forecasting model. I can only highly recommend his products for any serious neural network developer or trade system developer. I will be calling him soon and will be ordering two of his new products which are the Ultra-Smooth velocity add-in and the Composite Fractal Behavior. --Robert J.Van Eyden, South Africa (posted 6SEP96 in Usenet newsgroup

"As usual, your software as well as your support continue to impress and amaze! Thank you for creating several WORKS OF ART! Keep up the good work!" -- Barney Toma, Culver City, California

"I checked out the indicators (VEL, AMA) I purchased from your company and am very impressed. Having purchased thousands of dollars of investment software, it is refreshing to have indicators which deliver as promised!" -- Michael Jefferson, Salem, Virginia

"Mark Jurik is one of the few honest reputable vendors out there and his indicators are very reasonably priced. Do not expect any magic trading systems though. You will still have to do a lot of work to make money in the market. I am particularly fond of his AMA indicators which do exactly what he advertises, produce an adaptable moving average with less lag and greater smoothness than any other averaging methodology I have seen." -- Rick Sheffield

"Jurik's AMA is the best. None of the others touch it in side-by-side comparisons. The downside is that it isn't disclosed and you have to buy it (but price is reasonable and support is excellent)." -- Allan Kaminsky

"I wish to inform you that I have successfully installed the AMA DLL on a 2nd PC. I am happy to tell you that you are producing great indicators. I am using your indicators right now in my analysis of markets." -- Victor Chu, Singapore

"Your reset-capable modification to JMA for TradeStation works GREAT. Thanks so much. Your stuff is excellent." -- Michael J. Radzicki, Ph.D.


 Feedback on



We included the customer's whole name when permission to use their name was either expressed or implied. Initials were used per request. Original letters are on file.

"The CFB is a remarkable tool. I am experimenting with it. It offers a quite different perspective to most other tools. When I adjusted my moving average to take into consideration the CFB length, it followed price like a greyhound. The difference was spectacular." - David Jenkins

"I use CFB to modulate the distance of my target exit points. When the market is trending you should let your target run away, when the market is less trendy you should have your target reduce itself (be more conservative). --- I let CFB modulate what value is my exit value on my general market strength indicator. --- CFB dynamic modulation of VEL was more profitable than static VEL and Adaptive VEL. It was also more profitable in two other adaptive functions I use." -- postings on

"You will begin to come up with some interesting ideas on your own, especially when you start to compare r^2 (r-squared) with CFB and then look at ADX. I have tried and tried to find cycle lengths using Bressert's cycle finder and Ruggiero's cycle finder and I can't think of a better way than with r-squared or even better with a CFB ratio." -- Bob Perry, California

"I have had a very positive experience with your software. I have now tested a lot of systems, really a lot, believe me, and I must say that your channel-Breakout "Demo" is the best of all. It is the absolute winner, Nr. 1, and that with a wide distance. Congratulations - for your contribution to the trader world - and that for a very fair price! ... Your software is one of the best for trading I know." -- Lutz Mehlhorn

"I enjoy using the CFB in many different applications." -- James Dimond

"I e-mailed you a while ago telling you how impressed I was with your CFB and included some charts of how I had used it in bond markets in South Africa. At that time I had not really found a way of using your AMA in my systems that was more profitable than EMA's. Well the good news is with a lot of hard work and some luck I now use momentum of a AMA with a threshold level as the basis of most of my systems. This indicator is a very good indicator of trend. Included is a report on this system implemented on the bonds that I trade." -- Regards Frederick Barnard

"I just want to thank you for your top-of-the-line indicators. Your AMA and CFB Channel Plot indicators are among the very best available for TradeStation. In fact, I think they are underpriced!" -- Ken Wozny

"Once in a very great while one comes across a truly helpful technical analysis tool. I did just that when I discovered your CFB index. It has permitted me to incorporate robust cyclic information into my counter trend trading system increasing the probability of winning signals dramatically. I look forward to more of your arrows for my quiver." -- Stuart A. Miller, Isles Trading, Pembroke Pines, FL

"I post here some good [performance] numbers obtained with Jurik's Composite Fractal Behavior (CFB) used in a very basic N-bar breakout system. ... The algorithm performs a role similar to the well known MESA cycle routine. ... Its logic is known only to the author since it is sold as a black box. Although I hate the idea of black boxes, this tool is the only exception I made." -- Giovanni Zibordi, DEC 1996

"I have been assiduously studying uses of the CFB, and it still continues to excite me." -- Stuart A. Miller, Isles Trading, Pembroke Pines, FL

"First, let me tell you how impressed I am after a week experimenting with CFB, JMA and VEL. I find I'm having to rethink my understanding and impressions regarding a host of classical indicators, wrap them around your functions, and re-examine what I want to do and how to do it. (For instance, Bollinger Bands without lag are a whole new ballgame!) Thanks again for some real industrial-strength tools..." Howard McLean

" a simple examination of the chart produced, I believe your CFB indicator is superior to other classical code attempting to do the same." -- Pierre ORPHELIN, NeuroFuzzy Logic Tools,

"I wanted to thank you for your excellent products including your tools AMA, CFB and VEL. I have found them to be extremely powerful tools which can be used in a number of applications. They are very original ideas, especially CFB. Unlike your applications, many indicators which are sold or written about by others show a great deal of redundency to previous formulas. Your entire concept behind the CFB has no overlap with previous work that I am aware of." -- Richard Schell, Redondo Beach, CA.

"I have been using your CFB indicator for some time now and have noticed some remarkable characteristics in it that has helped me in my trading of bonds. I trade bonds in SA and we trade in yield rather than in price as you do. I have found the CFB-48 to be better than the other 3 in respect to bonds. What I have found is that the indicator is able to identify dominant cycles as well as consolidation or corrective cycles.... This has helped me in my trading strategy." -- Frederick Barnard, South Africa

"Your RSI trading system is great on a non trending market. I am now using your CFB Channel Demo. It is working very well on a 14 minute bar. I am using it the way it came. It is excellent. Take a look at it." -- Cory

"I bought TradeCycle 1.5 from Murray Ruggiero through Bill Brower. It's OK, but I think that Mark Jurik's CFB is better. Just my opinion after testing both. I trade real money with the CFB. ... I use CFB as the lookback for the Oscillator system I trade. ... you can get a self-adjusting lookback for oscillator peaks and valleys. You can get your system down to one parameter, because you can also use the lookback from the CFB to adjust the stops. So instead of 3 parameters: length, smooth and lookback, you just pick length and make smooth a factor of length, and lookback takes care of itself." -- David Fenstemaker

"I am currently figuring out how to best use VEL and CFB. The possibilities are endless. I particularly appreciated demo #4, "Using CFB to modulate momentum analysis" in the CFB user's guide. I think that approach has a lot of potential for me. Thank you again and let me say another time that your tools are incredible. I should have bought them years ago. I would be probably retired today!" -- Martin Sevigny

"I found CFB to be superior. You did a great job." -- Norman Highton


 Feedback on



We included the customer's whole name when permission to use their name was either expressed or implied. Initials were used per request. Original letters are on file.

"I am amazed with results when running my trading optimizer and using your indicators, especially JMA_Double_Stochastic and JMA_MACD for entering and VEL for existing trades. I have never believed that technical indicators can be reliable on 1 min charts. I was wrong. Yours can!! Many thanks." -- Robert Mezei

"Jurik's software is the best set of trading tools I've ever used in a trending market. Jurik JMA and VEL are simple and they catch most of the movements." --

"I have found the smoothing capability of the JMA to be excellent. Also VEL is real good ... I don't know why it is better than RSX but it seems to be...I had seen on this site once before that Mark Jurik said VEL was better for divergences but I am not sure why ... those are my main uses: smoothing other indicators ..." -- Guy Lerner

"This is just to tell you that after testing your product I've got outstanding results predicting the stock next day movement. I'm absolutely satisfied with this add-in." -- Jean-Michel LEBEGUE

"Actually, its pretty easy to prove to yourself that Jurik's software improves your system. Take the VEL indicator for instance, applied to any oscillator system. You will get great smoothing, plus nice spikes that make it easy to code triggers." -- David Fenstemaker

"Many thanks for your great software, and best regards." -- Chris Starkey, Tequesta, Florida

"I checked out the indicators (VEL, AMA) I purchased from your company and am very impressed. Having purchased thousands of dollars of investment software, it is refreshing to have indicators which deliver as promised!" -- Michael Jefferson, Salem, Virginia

"I don't know how you ever dreamed this up, VEL is quite remarkable. It is in a class by itself. Although I've only scratched the surface, I've never seen anything like VEL before. Congratulations." -- Leland Stevenson, Yonkers, New York

"I recently purchased JMA, VEL and CFB. They're great! I made a smoother/quicked MACD and put a smoother/quicker moving average on it. Love it." -- David Powell

"Thank you for your great tools. It took me a little while to get used to VEL, and now I'm quite pleased. The more time I spent using it, the more valuable and reliable it became. Before using VEL, I was missing turns. VEL beat the fast stochastic, which was way too noisy. I found your demos in the user manuals very helpful. Since I started using AMA and VEL, I NEVER HAD A LOSING DAY TRADING THE S&P." -- Don Van Dyke, Littleton, Colorado

"For the last two days I have been watching your VEL on 2 minute SP8H bars and without a doubt it is the best, smoothest oscillator I have ever watched on the market. For me its greatest strength is how well it shows divergences at the extremes. ... In comparison to Radar2, your VEL is waaay better. Your AMA and VEL are without doubt best of breed." -- Patrick D., Hillsborough, CA

"First, let me tell you how impressed I am after a week experimenting with CFB, JMA and VEL. I find I'm having to rethink my understanding and impressions regarding a host of classical indicators, wrap them around your functions, and re-examine what I want to do and how to do it. (For instance, Bollinger Bands without lag are a whole new ballgame!) Thanks again for some real industrial-strength tools..." Howard McLean

"My current favorite indicators to note divergence on 1 minute ES charts are TIC, Jurik's VEL and Jurik's JMA MACD." -- Scott

"Your functions do wonders for the TA classics -- smoother and with less lag. I believe your indicators can be the "edge" all traders talk about!" -- Tim Proeber


 Feedback on



We included the customer's whole name when permission to use their name was either expressed or implied. Initials were used per request. Original letters are on file.

"RSX is the "guidance system" for all my trades. I absolutely will not trade in the currency markets without RSX". Dave Lewalski

"Your RSX has been extremely good for daytrading the SP emini. THANK YOU !! The reliability and usefulness of the charts that I use have been better than anything else. Keep up the good work." John Delmonte, USA

"I started working on two of the studies: JMA and RSX. I'm very excited about them so far. They work as advertised. Thanks very much." -- Chris Bergen

"I understand RSX and I LOVE the indicator. It's already paid for itself and it is my threshold that needs to turn before I trade." -- CLiff Alan

"Your RSX trading system is great on a non-trending market." -- Cory

"Your RSX trading system works best when there is lots of volatility. But since the S&P has been so active this past year, additional volatility screening was unnecessary." -- Jim West, California

"I have no connection with Mr. Jurik other that as a satisfied user of his products, particularly his RSX. In my twenty years of trading in the markets, I know of comparatively few vendors whose products have performed as represented and actually delivered continuing value to the trader. I have found Mark Jurik to be a straight shooter..." Jim Alvis

"I did not consider upgrading to Omega's 2000i software until your version of RSX was running on it." -- A TradeStation user

"I'd like to thank you again for making such superb indicators available to system builders." -- Howard McLean

"This letter is to thank you for your help in getting Omega's stochastics changed to a JMA format. What you did was above and beyond that which was expected. I can't thank you enough. By itself that put me in your debt. However before I could analyze the new indicator, I took a trade in the S&P using your RSX and made seven points. Elated I went on to make three other trades yesterday. With only one loss that gave me a net of seventeen points for the day! Already this morning I've taken two trades with a net of twelve points. Am I happy? That would be an understatement! Best Wishes." -- Mike Williams

"I guess you were right: your RSX is great! Never going back to RSI again." -- Arnaldo Leon

"Jurik's Adaptive RSX ... That's one tool I always have in every chart." -- CLiff Alan

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