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CFB Dyna-Band


You can create more sophisticated analysis by combining Jurik Tools in various ways. The chart shows a band around price. Within the band, price is tracked by JMA and is colored according to an algorithm that displays whether the market is bearish, bullish or neutral.

The band itself dynamically expands and contracts according to the length of each mini-trend, as determined by CFB. The user specifies an allowable range for the band's width and CFB makes adjustments within that range on each bar.

Note how the band contracts as trend lengthens. The amount of contraction is user specified. Contraction reduces the amount of retracement before the market is reclassified as bear or bull. This can help with minimizing lost profits by encouraging earlier exits.

In contrast, note how the band stays wide during congestion. This helps prevent initiating a bull/bear classification when no real trend is underway.

For more information on CFB, go here.


  • Visual results may vary, and will depend on chart time frame, chart bar type, market symbol and indicator parameter values.

  • All Jurik indicators are optimized to display over a black background.

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