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Some trends in the market are the result of underlying cycles, and some are not. Using indicators whose formulas always assume these cycles exist is like skating on thin ice: a disaster waiting to happen. CFB measures market trend duration without assuming the presence of market cycles. CFB (Composite Fractal Behavior) works well whether or not price has cycle components.

Here we see all four CFB indicators, each optimized for a different trend length: purple (24 bars), red (48 bars), orange (96 bars), green (192 bars). CFB with a larger windows takes a larger viewpoint of market trend.

On the right hand side of the chart, note how the 24 bar CFB reaches its maximum and flattens out, then the 48, then the 96, etc.

For more information on CFB, go here.

  • Visual results may vary, and will depend on chart time frame, chart bar type, market symbol and indicator parameter values.

  • All Jurik indicators are optimized to display over a black background.

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