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Whereas our RSX indicator measures the quality and strength of a trend, CFB measures the quality and duration of a trend. Trend durations are analyzed on four time scales: 24, 48, 96 and 192 bars long. The chart shows all four CFB results, in two different display modes.

The power of CFB comes in using it to modulate other indicators, such as bands, RSX, stochastics, etc. The toolset for Sierra Chart includes these more advanced indicators: CFB dyna band, CFB Oscillator, CFB dyna RSX, CFB channel and CFB channel index.


  • Different time frames on a chart may produce different results.

  • Please do not ask us for indicator parameter settings. Every market is different.

  • Past performance of any trading system is never a guarantee of future performance.

  • All trading strategies have risk and commodities/futures trading leverages that risk.

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