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A smooth (low noise) trend is more efficient than a noisy trend. Given that RSX measures market trend direction and efficiency, it stands to reason that RSX would respond better (display larger dynamic range) when fed pre-smoothed price data. And there's no better way to pre-smooth than by using JMA.

In one experiment, we used three different speeds of JMA to show how it affects RSX. The chart below shows three RSX plot lines, each with JMA set to an increasingly slower speed. Note how a slower JMA extends RSX plot range as well as decreases reversals. This gives the user another way to fine-tune RSX response to a particular market.

In this experiment, we pre-smoothed price with JMA (set to run very fast) and ran the result through RSX. In the chart below, note how incredibly smooth and timely the plot appears. It reverses with the market, showing almost no lag.

  • Different time frames on a chart may produce different results.

  • Please do not ask us for indicator parameter settings. Every market is different.

  • Past performance of any trading system is never a guarantee of future performance.

  • All trading strategies have risk and commodities/futures trading leverages that risk.

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