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Financial Data & Support Software


Historical Futures, Indices and COT data

Optional software for downloading updates

The first step in building any trading system is acquiring clean, relevant financial data. Pinnacle currently offers four distinct databases which are the cleanest in the industry. Each database is provided with the support program DataMaker free of charge, and produces both TEXT and METASTOCK format. You can also subscribe from the data vendor an update service for as low as $14.00/mo.

The IDX DATABASE is a unique database that includes nearly 300 fields of data, some as far back as 1901! Now, you can chart the CPI, money rates, Fed Reserves, etc., along with your own equities! Study the DOW from 1901 or design your own momentum indicator using market breadth.

The CLC DATABASE gives you a historical database of commodity futures prices, starting in 1969. The database provides open, high, low, close, volume and open interest. It covers 80 commodities and is a history of the most active nearby contracts - which is just what you need for linking and backtesting. Package includes DataMaker, software that links these contracts forward adjusted, reverse adjusted, unadjusted or all three ways if you like.

The COMMODITY DATABASE is a deep history of individual contracts. A complete set of ALL historical commodity contracts (approximately 10,000). The data in each contract spans from creation to expiration. Note that there is no software to link individual contracts together. For a continuously linked series, use the CLC Database.

The COT DATABASE is a historical database of Commitment of Traders Reports starting for most commodities in 1983. This data is independent of price movement and invaluable for developing confirming indicators. Learn what the Smart Money is doing!

Download and Installation

When purchasing Pinnacle Data using our shopping cart, you may specify in the "Special Instructions" box whether you want to receive a CD (with shipping charge) or download it (no shipping charge). If not specified, Pinnacle assumes you want a download link and will email to you instructions on how to download the file. You may place the downloaded file anywhere on your hard drive and you get to open it using a KEY also provided in the email.

{short description of image} You may copy the downloaded file to a CD and install it on all your computers.

{short description of image} With any Pinnacle database, you may subscribe from Pinnacle a data update service for as low as $14.00/mo. As long as you retain the update service, you may download the latest version of their data processing software at any time, using the same download prodedure.

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