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Extreme Charts


COMPATIBLE VERSIONS: Versions 6 or later.
INCLUDED TOOLS: UT toolset includes ( JMA, VEL, RSX, DMX ).
Various time limited licenses.
See PRICE list.

FEEDBACK: Read our huge collection of customer's comments on Jurik Tools.


  1. Install the "UT" version of Jurik's toolset. Select the option for Extreme Charts.
  2. In Extreme Charts, press CTRL-U (or phone icon) to bring up the download dialog box.
  3. Select "Download Special File" and type the following (without quotes): "Upgrade"
  4. Press START. Wait for download and installation to complete. If you are asked to re-import librares or upgrade, select YES.
  5. Read our user manual for instructions on how to display Jurik indicators.

MISCELLANEOUS: Extreme Charts provides traders with on-the-fly charting and fundamentals. The following are some of the many features and benefits that you receive with Extreme Charts:

  • View historic price trends for any stock, quickly and easily.
  • Quickly toggle through various chart types such as line charts, bar charts or Japanese candlesticks.
  • Customize charts, indicators, and overlays to fit your trading style and preferred trading strategy.
  • Draw annotations, trend lines and other predictions right on available charts.
  • Add trade notes to your charts.
  • Create and execute custom scans and filters to search the market for the opportunities you like to trade.
  • Create watch lists for prospects.
  • Analyze and evaluate technicals and price trends by sector and subsector.
  • Practice and back test new strategies without financial risk.
  • Replay the past to gain skill and confidence
  • Single click trading

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