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Accurate trend strength and direction

Smooth and timely

Better than RSI

RSI is a very popular and clever technical indicator ... but is very noisy. Jurik's RSX is a "noise free" version of RSI, with no added lag !!

What Is RSX ?

The popular RSI indicator simultaneously measures trend velocity and quality. RSI gives a strong signal when a trend is fast and clean. However, RSI is a jittery signal, making technical analysis very difficult.

1. Jitter produces false trade triggers
2. Jitter degrades market trend direction analysis
3. Jitter degrades market reversal analysis

Want a better version of RSI ? ... Your search is over! Jurik's RSX is vastly superior. The chart compares the classic RSI to Jurik's RSX. Could reversals be any more obvious with RSX?

With RSX's cleaner, more accurate signals, you can set tighter stops and more meaningful thresholds. You can also afford to let RSX run a little faster without fear of degradation from excessive noise. This permits you to attain earlier trigger signals.

  • Tighter stops
  • More accurate thresholds
  • Earlier trigger signals
  • Better acceleration analysis


Let's look at RSX as a trading signal. Consider a trading system with just one rule: Buy if RSX is rising and sell if RSX is falling. The chart illustrates results using this very simple strategy.

Because the trades in this example are triggered by changes in the direction of RSX, ulta-smooth lines are vital to its success. In contrast, a jittery RSI signal would trigger excessive trades, depleting your account.

You can also use RSX to create superior versions of other indicators.

For example, this chart compares the REI indicator by Tom DeMark and the following formula using RSX:

RSX(bar high) + RSX(bar low)

Note the RSX version is significantly smoother with no added lag!

Available Platforms

TradeStation -- MultiCharts

eSignal -- Investor/RT -- NeoTicker -- Trade Navigator -- NinjaTrader -- Extreme Charts -- Sierra Chart

AmiBroker - Neoticker - NeuroShell - Wavewi$e - Tradecision - Matlab

DLL (for software programmers)

Additional Information

The RSX software package includes ...

For more details on RSX, download our illustrated PRODUCT GUIDE.

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Read our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. For answers to technical issues.

How to order Prices, order form, specific questions to ask.

RSX is an indicator, not a trading system.
RSX is designed to be applied in trading systems of your own design.

  • Different time frames on a chart may produce different results.

  • Past performance of any trading system is never a guarantee of future performance.

  • All trading strategies have risk and commodities/futures trading leverages that risk.

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